Furnished rental lease

Furnished rental lease is a contract in which several parties, the owner or his agent on one hand; and the tenant(s) on the other, define the terms and conditions for the rental of home as a primary or secondary residence in exchange for a financial contribution.

Form and content of the furnished rental lease

A furnished rental lease must be established in writing and signed by all parties to be valid.

Duration of the furnished rental lease

The term is one year, whether the owner is an individual or a company. The contract is renewable. If the tenant is a student, it is possible to establish a non-renewable 9-month furnished lease.

Terms of termination for the owner

The notice of contract termination must be made at least 3 months before the end of the lease.
The termination must be motivated by:

  • A sale;
  • The purpose of accommodating his own family;
  • A legitimate and serious reason.

The letter of termination can be sent during the lease, the termination will only apply when it expires.

Terms of termination for the tenant

The notice must be sent at least one month before the desired date of termination, whether for a classic or student furnished rental. This termination can be given without cause and at any time.

Terms of termination for each party

The termination of the contract is notified by sending a registered letter with acknowledgment of reception.