Top 10 Ideas of Romantic Activities for a Vacation in Paris

Paris is the city, which is inevitably associated with romance. Indeed, every year millions of people go to the French capital to make a proposal, to spend a honeymoon or just to enjoy a romantic date in a special atmosphere. What is the secret? What makes Paris one of the most romantic locations in the world?

Top 5 Reasons Why Paris Is Considered to Be the Most Romantic City in the World

First of all, Paris is very beautiful.

A wide range of buildings in Paris is protected by UNESCO, which means that they are carefully maintained and you can enjoy their original beauty to the fullest. In addition, in certain districts in Paris it is prohibited to erect high buildings, not to mention skyscrapers. No doubt, when walking around the center of Paris, built under the supervision of legendary Georges Haussmann, or along the cobbled streets of any other cozy area of this charming city, you can immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere, which cannot be found in almost any other modern metropolis.

Secondly, people living in Paris tend to be rather passionate and flirty, compared to people coming from abroad.

That's just one of the traits of the French character.